South African Projects:


100kVA Off-Grid Hybrid Solution with Eskom(Grid) connected in a supportive role and the Option to add a 125kVA Diesel Generator as backup.

The battery pack is extendable to any size with built-in “Peak Shaving” to eliminate the cost of Peak Tariffs.

100kVA Hybrid Inverter with 63kWh LTO Battery Backup (Click to see video)



Suncolect design solar electricity generation solutions to suit the customers needs. The different solutions cater each for a specific requirement. Suncolect believe that each customer has unique requirements.



Suncolect specialises in Off-Grid Electricity farming solutions. Our system designs enables the farmer to utilises the national electricity provider as the last option to provide his/her electricity requirements with the sun as the first option, batteries as the second option, diesel generator as the third option.










A typical installation with batteries nicely tugged away with the inverter secured from bad weather under a modern glassed covered roof.

Customers in residential areas are also catered for with solar electricity support during power outages or to move completely Off-Grid.


Customers with space constraints are accommodated in various ways. The installation above is a tracing solution installed on top of a shipping container.



Medium and Large scale installations from 50 kVA to 4 000 kVA Hybrid inverters.

Suncolect is able support any structural requirement to enable Solar electricity generation.

The second half of this structure is earmarked for standard steel corrugated roofing for additional storage space.

Kenyan Projects:


A Suncolect Off-Grid solution in support of  a restaurant in a fishing village on the banks of an island at Lake Victoria in Kenya. The island is isolated with no national electricity supply.

India Projects:

Suncolect’s partner, Syscon Metering Solutions (SMS), in India has designed, manufactured and supplied Combiners boxes with integrated monitoring of solar panel strings to a multi Mega Watt solar farm. The combiner boxes serves this  two Mega Watt solar farm in a rural area in India. The monitoring system gives feed back to the central call centre in Bangalore regarding the efficiency and operational status of each string of solar panels.


Two Mega Watt Solar Panels


Substation Supporting the Two Mega Watt Solar Farm


Combiner Boxes Designed, Manufacture and Supplied by Syscon Metering Solutions (SMS)

These combiner boxes are manufactured in 24, 8, 6 and 4 string combinations. All sizes of these combiner boxes has built-in on-line string monitoring.

Suncolect’s Technology Partner Installations: