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Get Started to Move Off the Electricity Grid with Suncolect (Pty) Ltd – (Sun Converted to Electricity)

Suncolect is in the business in providing alternative energy solutions to commercial farmers, factories and large consumers.

We service in general, every one who is serious in alternative non-polluting energy by gradually moving off the national electricity grid.

We analyse your requirement and then source, deliver, install, monitor, service and maintain the solar energy solution, ensuring sustainable alternative energy.

Suncolect understands that every client’s requirement and implementation is different, providing different solutions  to suit every situation.

Suncolect follows the following processes in order to reach a unique independent alternative energy solution for consumers:

  1. Analyse your last 6 months Eskom or Utility accounts. (You can email electricity bills to )
  2. Propose solutions to drive down your current consumption and maximum electricity demand.
  3. Prepare a solar solution design for discussion with the consumer.

Note: We concentrate on Hybrid Solar Inverter (Off-Grid or Mini-Grid) solutions with battery support to ensure total independence.

Our inverters are able to accept Grid Supply or Diesel/Petrol Generator Supply as Grid-Feed.

The grid feed capable inverters could be configured to NOT-Supply to the Grid. (Click here to see Our Kit Solution)

We do not install any solution unless it was tested at our own facilities as we strive for our own electricity consumption to be supplied only by the sun.